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A Network Of Technical Experts From The Terminal Business Delivering
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Having a broad international experience in the terminal business, Think Tankage GmbH is approaching the industry with technical solutions for storage terminals.

In an industry challenged with cost cutting trends and a rising process safety standard, we are ready to offer engineering, project management and asset integrity solutions with a good mix of field and high-level management experience.  

Our Services - Technical Solutions

The platform supporting your business

We offer world-class expertise in areas such as: engineering, operations, process safety, asset integrity, project management and procurement. 


Eager to bring your operation to the next level? We help you to develop new solutions. We have the industry insight to identify the opportunities and right applications. 

Technical Forum

Do you have any technical questions or just want to share your knowledge with the community? Come and join us in an environment where we can learn and grow together. 

Looking for the right technical expertise to support your projects in the Midstream and Terminal sector?

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Our Segments

Where We Can Support You!

Chemical Terminals

Small tanks do not mean simple operation- Chemical terminals can store a wide variety of products, each one of them with specific properties and challenges. We offer you proven experience.

Oil Terminals

Big tanks, big throughput – Oil terminals require the right set of expertise to deal with all the regulations  and authorities. From a small truck operation to a large scale marine terminal, we are ready to support your projects.  

Gas Terminals

Refrigerated or pressurized storage of liquified gases, such as propane, butane, natural gas and ammonia require a high process safety management standard. We can help you get the right solutions. 

Need Help with Technical Solutions for Storage Terminals? We Are Experts!